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Small holes on the bottom of my feet


Probalby about 2 months ago I noticed my feet were extremely dry.
They began to peal in layers (4-5 layers of skin on top of another) as I looked closer there was tiny holes all over the balls and heals of my feet, the size of a lead pencil.
People told me to buy stuff for athlets foot, but there is no burning, itching, or anything that is discomforting.
I bought a foot cream which has “helped” with the pealing, but the holes are still there???
Also, my hands feel a little more rough than usual.
I scrub them almost daily but nothing seems to help.
Any advice, PLEASE!!!


  1. Without seeing these, I can not say for certain. One possibility is punctate keratomas. A visit to a podiatrist or dermatologist might be an idea.