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small joint effusion


what is small joint effusion and how is it treated, is it curable?


  1. What to do will it go away it’s in my shoulder I hurt my arm at my job I fall I’m not working I went back to work I was frier from my job my boss say I’m not doing a good with my arm I’m still in pain as far as money I don’t know what to do will ssi pay for me just tell me what to do I’m so mad thanks

  2. To follow up on my condition. I have undergone acupuncture therapy for 6 months with James Whittle, of Blue Ridge Acupuncture in Asheville, NC. I am 90% cured of my heel pain. I am hopeful that with continued treatments, a complete cure is in my future. I strongly recommend seeking the advice of an acupuncturist in your area and beginning a course of treatment as soon as possible.

  3. what can be done to repair that small effusion of the ankle joint? Cortisone shots have not worked and I have been in severe pain for 6 months, whats left to do?

  4. I have severe osteoarthrosis at the talonavicular articulation. this may be secondary osteoarghrosis from primary rheumatiod, however, no definite evidence of rheumation arghritis indentified on this studyextensive subcutaneous edema along the medial, lateral and posterior ankle jointsmall tibiotalar joint effusion

  5. MRI showed small joint effusion in right heel along with edema in fat pad. I have had pain in heel for 2 years. Ruled out plantar fasciitis. Could joint effusion mean RA or another arthritic condition? I do not currently have joint pain just pain in heel when weightbearing.

  6. my son got hurt playing hockey. He hit his shoulder really hard. The MRI came back and it said possible area of bone contusion involving the subcortical bone of the medial humeral head. small joint effusion if this something that just needs to heal with time.