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sore feet


i have pain in my left foot in the right side of the heel not on the bottom my dr took xrays and said i have a calcium deposit he gave me viox 25 mg for 10 days but it did not help he said he would give me an injection but it would be a weak one because the deposit is near the achilles tendon and he does not want to take a chance of rupturing it hence forth the weak injection is there something else besides surgery that can be done?


  1. I am at a disadvantage here since I can’t see your foot or the X rays. If you have a posterior spur in the Achilles tendon, it is not usually recommended to have an injection there. Obviously there can be exceptions and that is why this is a difficult call. Other things that can be done include heel lifts, ultrasound, night splints, ice masssage, or immobilization are some.Only if all conservative treatments fail do I consider surgery. You discuss your options with your doctor.Good luck