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Sore Feet


I work in a resturant and I am on my feet for hours – concrete/slate floors.
My feet throb by the end of the night.Any suggestions on really good shoes that will minimize the problem and/or where to purchase them.
My shoes have to be non slip, also.

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  1. Without seeing your feet I can onlymake generic statements. Remember you generally get what you pay for. Your weight, time of standing and surface can all have an impact on selection, not to mention how much money you can afford.SAS (San Antonio Shoes ) make excellent well made shoes. Red Wing make very sturdy work shoes. Places that sell shoes to police and firemen also have good reliable shoes. Rockport, Ecco, Timberland are also some good brands. You might also go to a running shoe store and ask for a good walking shoe. New Balance, Brooks and other make specific walking shoes.