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sounds to familiar – 3 months After surgery/5th metatorsal


hi,well I was just wondering how long it takes to heal from the surgery.
I find when I have been on my foot for an hour the top of my foot where they put the screww really hurts,it seems to cause me more pain since the surgery.
I have gone for check ups and they say the s-ray shows the screw is holding my bone in place,but why so much pain?
The bone graph does not hurt antmore.
I also find that my foot still goes purple when on it,and I seem to be retaing water when I have been on it.
When I am lying in bed it feels fine,but as soon as I get up and put pressure on it it is so painful in that area.Could the screw be rubbing some how against my bones.
Thank you.

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  1. This might not be related, but my friend who had a screw put in her big toe was having the same pain and when she went for a check up, but doc said scar tissue had formed and he actually froze and broke up the scar tissue right there in the office. She said it hurts from that, but that the pain she was having before is now gone! I am having ankle reconstruction in a few weeks and think I need to stay clear of this board. Too much pain!!!!!