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Spinal subluxation from sitting?


I was wondering if it was possible to get spinal subluxation simply from sitting.
I used to sit for endless hours studying at my desk in college for 4 years without taking any breaks.
I believe my posture slowly got worse over the years as I was starting to hunch forward and I’m having all kinds of problems like ringing in the ears, fatigue, etc.
I also have a hard time sleeping on my back for some reason and have to resort to a fetal position with my arms extended out.
If I do manage to fall asleep on my back, the lower middle back area will hurt whenever I breathe for a few minutes, but the pain will go away eventually if I put pressure off my back.
What kind of problem could we be seeing here? Could simply sitting for endless hours cause a problem like this?


  1. Dear SeanMy name is Dr Gambale and i am a chiropractor for more then 22 years. Sitting down with your headforward and your mid back going backward puts tremendows stress on your entire spinal curve.Your problem is very common. You should pursue chainging your poor posture sooner then later.If you wait to long you could develop a compression fracture in the mid back area and have permanent problems.Did you know that chiropractor was discovered in 1895 when a man had his hearing restored with an adjustment. I sugest you call me personaly at toll free 877-602-7248 so i can give you a free consultation over the phone.You can also visit me online at curvesolutionsusa . com so you can see more articles about your condition and treatment.Kind regards Dr. Gambale