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Spiral Fibula Fracture


Daughter has a closed spiral fracture of the fibula.
Plaster cast on for 3 weeks.
Was hoping to move to a aircast now that they want her to begin walking on it.
Instead they have kept the plaster cast on and added a velcro strapped removable shoe.
She is a major athlete and I am worried about muscle loss, arthritis, soft tissue damage due to prolonged immobiliity. Can’t she have an aircast?
Why is the plaster still what they are recommending. Old school? Cheaper for the insurance? Time isn’t on our side. Doc just says best to immobilize it.
Seems like alot of damage to ankle and tissue just to hold a bone (fibula) still. Aircast could do the same thing?

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  1. It’s a late answer but maybe, if posted over the internet will help other people. I have suffered an undisplaced fibula fracture above the ankle while skating and my doctor has adviced not to cast the leg but to wear a walking boot from the very begining. I got an “Air inflated” one and after one week i feel ok. Of course i do not put weight in the respective weight at all, but I go to the office and hope in a faster recovery that after casting.REgards