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splinter-like toe pain


i have recently been having pain in my toes that feels like the pain you would have from a sliver.
it started about 3 weeks ago in 2 spots on one toe.
i dug around, but found no sliver.
after about 3 days treatment with bandages and neosporin, it went away.
about 2 days ago, i started having pain in 3 other toes.
i can feel a hardening of the skin, almost like there is something in there.
problem is, i haven’t been bare footed at all to get any slivers.
any suggestions?

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  1. If you have a systemic conditon, this is one possibility. Something like heart disease, an auto-immune disease or even diabetes can cause this type of problem. If you can get an appointment while you are symptomatic, then I recommend you do so.