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Sprained Ankle??


I’m a 17 years old and I have recently sprained my ankle. I went to the hospital to have it x-rayed to make sure it was not broken and after a long wait the doctor told me it wasn’t broken and it was just a sprain and to come back in a week if it got worse. My problem is that I have had sprains before, and never has it been like this. I have to put all my weight on the inside edge of my foot because straight down or on the outside especially, results in a rolling of somthing in my ankle as well as a sharp cracking or popping sensation. I have never had a sprain crack and pop before and just the idea that it can still happen a good two weeks after the fact is unnerving because everytime it happens it hurts quite a bit. The pain has lessened over these two weeks and i realize bad sprains can often take much longer to heal. The sensitive parts of my foot seem to correspond remarkably well to a picture of the ligaments in a foot I found. The anterior talo-fibular ligament, calcaneo-fibular ligament, and posterior talo-fibular ligament all seem to be the sore places. Basically what I would like to know is A) What is cracking/popping? B) Does this normally happen with bad ankle sprains? C) Will it stop/What can I do to help make it stop. D) Will I need an ankle brace for sports form now on?


  1. I’ve had more sprained ankles/breaks than you have years! A “sprain” is a torn ligament, it’s just a matter of degree. Sounds like you’ve done it pretty severely but knowing it’s not a break is a good step. You just have to rest it completely and prevent it from inverting/everting until the ligaments can heal. Ice it consistenly to keep the swelling down, as fluid accumulation will lead to long-term limitation to your range of motion.Even after it feels healed, continue to ice it, stretch it to regain range of motion, and use elastic bands to add strength. You should DEFINITELY use a brace/athletic tape for an extended period of time, as any reinjury before it’s back to 100% will really set you back.