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sprained ankle-long story


(sorry this is so long but i didn’t know how to shorten the story)Hi i’m 12 and during gym at school i was playing a game where you have to try to tag your partner. Well i was runing up to my partner and she was also running and i tagged her and she stopped while i kept on going. I then tripped over her foot with my left leg on the ground and i tryed to catch my self with my right foot. but instead of stepping flat i stepped on the outside of my foot and my ankle sort of rolled over my foot and hit the floor. I had to be rolled on an office chair to the nurse. and it turned out i had a sprained ankle. my parents wouldn’t take me to the doctor because they thought it was too much money. and they thought it didn’t look that bad. a day after i sprained it my dad was making me walk on it even though it hurt so bad and after a week he made me go to dance with it too. most of the pain eventually went away ecsept when i’d point and flex it and i can’t sit on my feet. now it’s a little over a month after and i have a really sharp pain in my ankle and the muscle on the back of my heel is really tight. And also where my ankle is usually really boney it looks as if it’s swollen and i guess you could say it feels kind of tender. i’m not sure what i should do and my parents still won’t take me to the doctor. I take advil to lower the pain but it won’t go away. please reply ASAP i’m scared it’s going to get worse. thanks. Devin

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  1. This sounds what I did in 8th grade, my parents wouldnt take me to the doctor either. I still had to play softball and soccer with it, which actually made it worse. It took a little over a year to heal completely. What i was told i actually did was rip my achellies tendon. Get your nurse to call home saying your mother said you would go to the doctor today and your not sure when. then shes stuck in a rut and has to take you. till then, if you can buy an ankle brace (mines was about 8.50, but i bought a high quality one) or just a regular ace bandage and keep it wrapped.