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Hi, tonight me and my boyfriend were wrestling around and I was lying on the ground and he was standing up and i pulled him down by his knees and he fell on top of my chest, i weigh about 105 and he weighs about 130, i heard a crack and it hurts, my friend said i cracked my sternum. it hurts when i do certain things like stretch. or go to lay down. what should i do?


  1. In response to your question, I did something stupid at the gym and now Im paying. I was told I bruised my sternum as well. I experienced the popping when I stretched and thought it was a good thing but it causes some discomfort when that happens. Im not sure the recovery time it’s been a good 4 weeks for me but I re injured it 2 weeks in by lifting heavy things. From what I was told I would just have to deal with it because rib injuries would take time to heal. They said I could alternate with cold and hot compresses to get rid of swelling and pain. I hope this helps, please share your experience.Thanks

  2. a week ago i was wrestling around with someone and they fell on my chest with their knee, and it hurts when i take a deep breathe, laugh, try to lay down, cough…basically everything…whats wrong with me????? and what should i do?

  3. I have a broken sternum from car accident. It keeps popping and, I think, moving out of position. Anything to keep it in place? How can it heal if it keeps moving?Any advice would be great.

  4. MY son has a broken sternum from a snowmobile accident. How is it treated. That is what is the best way to imobilize it so it will stop popping and causing such pain.TIA falconBTW great service you are providing. However kept searching for Re; sternum and could not find it.