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Stiff big toe


Ok, I’m at a loss, because the only thing I’m finding on fused joints, is the intentional variety of fusing.
For as long as I can remember, and at the very least, early on in highschool, I noticed that the top joint in both of my big toes, did not bend.
It is litterally rock solid, as if it never was able to bend up and down.
The bottom joint at the base of my toe, bends normally.
I suffered severe turf toe during basketball season, and when the trainer taped by toe, that was the first time that anyone noticed the problem.
It was lost on me, I’m not a foot person, so I assumed it was just normal. I don’t have any pain that goes along with this stiffness.
However, you could not bend that top joint if your life depended on it. It litterally will not move an inch, it has had no flexibility for as long as I can remember.
Is it common for a child to be born with the top joint in their big toe, fused solid?
Is this something that needs to be fixed?
It’s not a matter of having a bunion or hammer toe.
It’s just a solid joint, instead of flexible.
I guess I really want to know, is there a name for this, or are my toes a freak of nature?
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