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Strained Hammy


Hi, I strained my hamstring while running in November of 2001.
I continued to run for the next few months, taking 2 weeks off in June.
I started back again, not feeling too much pain, but when I would run fast I could feel it.
It bothered me so much in September that I took 4 weeks off of running, came back, and still bothered me.
I’ve now taken 2 months off of running, only doing hamstring curls of like 25 lbs to try and strengthen it, and i can still feel it.
What should I do?


  1. I used to have problems with strained hammies from running and martial arts. My injuries would re-occur every year or so until I consulted with a trusted sports trainer. My trainer informed me that the reinjury though minor was caused by lack of flexibility in the muscle due to scar tissue from the original injury. I’m pretty flexible and thought “no way”, but heading his advice I received a deep tissue massage in the area. It hurt like heck but I no longer have the ‘injury’.