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strained oblique muscle


My 74 year old, tough-as-nails husband is 4 months into recovery from surgery to remove his kidney.
He continues to have no strength in his oblique muscle (they wallowed around this area to pull the kidney out).
His doctor says it just takes time, but he could die of old age waiting to recover by itself.
He needs to ride horses for ranch work, and the bouncing is very painful. Is there a ‘athletic supporter’ for this muscle group.
He is looking for a belly support belt, like they make for back support.
Is there such a thing? Can you recommend some help?

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  1. I am not aware of such a support device, but you have nothing to lose by getting your phone book, and try calling some local PT clinics…you might find a therapist who knows of such a device. At the least, they might offer you some helpful advice for you father’s rehab. Let us know what you discover from them.