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Strained Quadricep Tendon


I did something to my knee a month ago but can’t pinpoint anything specific. It’s a pain on the inside of my right knee. I’m athletically active, ride the bike, use the elliptical machine, pump iron and take stretch and yoga classes. Activities are pain free except for the stretch classes, where the injury is most noticeable. If I’m in a sitting in a cross-legged position, the pain is brutal in the flexed right knee. Especially if any weight or stress is put on the flexed knee – but only in this sitting position. What gives?

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  1. For months now, I have thumb pain in both my hands only when I do the pincer grip. The pain is felt exactly around the insertion of adductor pollicis muscle. How can this pain be relieved so that I can do the pincer grip without problem? Thanks a lot.