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streachmarks all over my body,do help me…


I am 17yr old girl. I have got streach marks all over my body: on my shoulders, around breast region, around my waist and some regions on my back. It is not itching or painful but is different from skin colour and can be clearly felt when is seen after puberty, 3yrs before. I am sad as i cannot be like there any remedy?do reply…


  1. I know what u mean and how u feel I am an 22 and i have streachmarks all over my stomach and breats and some on my shoulders It hurts when you cant wear the clothes that your age group is wearing because you are afarid that people would stair at your body or not wanting to go out because you feel that you dont fit in. Me not only do I have streachmarks but unwanted fat. The sadd part is that I been to an plastic surgery doctor and the price range is out of this world to me and I feel that I am stuck in this ugly body.I wonder if there is any way that we can ease the streachmarks and if any body have any idea or knowledge please let me know

  2. Have you thought about going to see a Plastic Surgeon? Usually, they do not charge a person for an initial evaluation. You need to find one that does initial evaluations for free, and then see what he had to suggest. I don’t know of anything specific, as far as exercises, which will erase your stretch marks, but a Plastic Surgeon would be the expert to consult with. Let us know what he says, and good luck.

    • hi,am a 25 year old female and i have steach marks allover my stomach and on the sides .this is due to excessive weight loss.. is there any teatment for it….please help.

  3. Hi, you are doing a good job i have strach marks all over my body after my first child 13 years ago and have tried every thing and no success what do i do or what can udo to help me? mimi

  4. i have streach marks on my tummy, legs, sensored, breast what can i do? i dont like my body at all i have two wonderful children and i am a single mother i need help can you help me

  5. i have terible streachmarks oll over my stomach after i had my first child is there any methods you can tell me about to try to erase them without surgery?or messy creams ?

  6. : streach marks are most cause by gaining weight. and loseing it. you might not can see the weight you loss but the skin showes it. then agagin your skin dries up everday. if you are 17 now by the time you are 30 you could be very wrinkle because at the age of 17 your skin are suppose to be at it’s best. but i do undersatnd where you are coming from. i suffered with it to but god gave me a home remdy that really works, if you would like to have this method i will sell it to you and you will see a big differrent in a few hours the stuff that they have in the stores just don’t cut it. if you would like to buy it contact me at my email address and i will tell you how to order it.i am 52 now but i looks about 37 you can see me at my web. god bless you i wish you the best. guitar queen

  7. iam having to many streachmarks on my tummy due to pregnency.iam having two children.what treatment iam suppose to do.And will it vanish completly and what the cost will be. iam from india

  8. I have got streach marks on my stomach and breast region due to pregnency. Now it’s 37 weeks running and it’s itching badly on stomach region specially during night. I can’t sleep properly now a days. Is there any remedy?do reply…

  9. im 23 and i have streachmarks on my belly . and now im very unhappy with my self , ive been getting very streeful ,and i dont even talk to no one about it. i realy need for you to help me with there has to be something out there to at least make them go away some plssssssssssssshelp me.

  10. I am a 25yr old lady with streachmarks at the mensioned places above which i do not like and i want to get raid of them pls help am a Nigerian but am brown in colour.