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Stubbed, Jammed, or Broken Toe


I know that it may be best to see a doctor immediately when it regards any injury to one’s foot, but that is not always the available course of action in real life.
I don’t currently have insurance and can’t afford to visit a doctor for a non-serious injury.
Of course if there is a major problem I need to know and make the proper arrangements.
My question is, how can I tell if my foot is just stubbed/jammed or if it is broken?
Are there differing symptoms to be aware of?


  1. Life is too short to limp. I do not accept the statement that if something was broken then you could not walk on it.I can not make a value judgement regarding your pain. People all experience pain differently. In my experience, I have had patients complaining about severe pain without any demonstrable cause and other with a significant injury who indicate it is just a bit sore.