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Surgery to “Stump Neuroma”


In November 2002 I had surgery to remove a Mortons Neuroma on my left foot.
I continue to have muchsensitivity in the same area and the scar is raised,which causes additional discomfort.
My podiatristadvises that a second surgery probably has to be performed to remove what seems to be a “stump neuroma”For the second surgery he will use sutures which have to be removed (not the previously used ones whichare absorbed)and he will inject cortisone during thesurgery to help prevent a bad scar.
How successfulis a second surgery and how long might the recovery be.
Thank you.


  1. Your question is best answered by your podiatrist who has seen and treated your problem. Hopefully you have discussed the success with him/her. No surgery on any part of the body ever comes with a 100% guarantee. If you have questions get another opinion.