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Swelling after 2 months


My foot was broken end of July. I am just now wearing hard sole flat shoes. After all this time my foot still swells up causing pain. The shoes can’t be strapped all the way or my foot won’t get in them. Why the swelling after 2 months. It happens after only an hour out of bed and gets worse. Sometimes I wake up with my foot swollen. Help


  1. Is there no one who has seen you who will listen to your concerns? If the answer is no, or you are not comfortable, then you are entitiled to ask for a copy of your records and go to another doctor.

  2. I talked to my Dr and a specialist. I’m not kidding when I say I was told “If it hurts don’t do it” Was waiting for them to say “Pull my finger”. I have pain in my ankle bone and not just in the two bones they say are broken in the top/middle of my foot. I was put in a walking boot with velco tabs. It was two sizes too big. It took two weeks for them to realize they gave me a Man’s size 8. Received no instructions for care, when to get off the crutches… if it doesn’t hurt do it was the comment. The swelling has continued for the entire two months. No MRI done. Specialist said he didn’t need to see my x-rays he was more concerned about how I was feeling. I’ve been in pain the entire two months. The only time it felt good was in the temp cast the ER gave me right at first. I’m 125 pounds, 5ft 3 and worked out four times a week. I don’t smoke drink or do drugs. I’m considered young looking for 45 years old. No ideas why the swelling has been so bad. I guess I’m just trying to have something to tell the Dr when I go… something to ask them to ck or test. I can’t get my foot into the walking sandales they told me to wear. The swelling is that bad. Help.

  3. 2 months isn’t necessarily a long time in the time line of fracture healing. Many cvariables should be taken into consideration-age, health, weight, level of activity, type of fracture, how is is healing.You might consider wearing some type of support hose for compression. Have you spoken to your doctor about this concern?