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swelling around fully recoverd ankle fracture


Hello Dr.A, i need to know what type of exercises i can do to prevent further swelling around my ankle.
I have also been using ice packs and cooling gels for such an injury and have been doing a number of flexing and stretching exercises daily.
It’s only been a week since the cast i had on for five weeks was removed.Maybe it’s a little premature to think that the healing process will be swift, but i need to know what i can do to feel less pain and to feel more comfortable when i stand or walk.
Iam also a musician(drummer)who works from the middleto the end of the week and i want to know if using afoot pedal will increase or prolong my recovery.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,
Bob Demelo


  1. I broke my left fibula ankle bone on 4/18/05..a fiberglass cast was applied. I felt as though I had alot of swelling the whole time I wore the cast…very tight. The cast was removed 6/1/05…I was very swollen at the time. The doctor said that the bone was healed..that the swelling would go down in time. On 7/12/05 the doctor sent me back to work…he said he didn’t know why I was still swollen, but it would take time. I am a 56 year old active woman, and this seems unacceptable to me. He would not prescribe physical therapy..said I didn’t need it. Today is 7/27/05 and I still cannot wear my regular shoes…I can only wear sneakers because me left foot still will not fit in my regular shoes. It feels achy, but below the ankle bones and through the instep. Any suggestions for me besides to be patient? I go to see my general practitioner on Friday for my yearly physical…should I ask her to send me to therapy. I’m getting desperate. Thank you for any information you can give me.Kathy Widelski