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swellng after 8 weeks


I rolled my ankle in June then again in august, the second time 1 week later its swollen and hurts to extend my foot on the top/podiatary xrayed with no luck seeing a fracture, and put me in a boot.
Then two weeks later still swollen and xray neg.
So put me in knee cast.
Two weeks later still some swollen did mri no fracture.
Now 8 weeks later foot swells on top around to ankle big time 2 opions say the swelling may last forever?
or for along time?
Have advised me to start physical therpy next week twice a week to get swelling down???
How is that going to reduce swelling?
I am wear shoes but they hurt they gave me inserts for my arches.
Says I had bad injury and that swelling this long is normal?
But what injury did I have because none of the diagnostic test showed anything the mri was not done til 6 weeks after injury, and it showed bruising and swelling?
What does that mean?
It does not hurt on top of my foot any more but it hurts from swelling!
What should I do and can you explaine this to me…


  1. Just because a bone is not fractured does not mean that ligaments and tendond and other soft tissue is not injured. Gravity is the enemy of lower extremity injuries. One’s health and level of activity will also affect the amount of swelling.Your questions would be best answered by your doctor.