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SWOLLEN FEET after Claw Toe Surgery


Firstly, THANK YOU Dr Abrams for answering my last questions. I have had claw toe surgery about 6 weeks ago and have recently had the pins taken out. My feet are still tender and swollen. I am really concerned about the swelling since I have to travel overseas next week and my feet don’t fit into any closed shoes.
Is there anything I can do to reduce the swelling and tenderness (is this normal after the pins are taken out?) and how long will I have to go through this.
I tried to ask my orthopedic surgeon when the pins were being removed but he didn’t answer my questions.Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advanceMaya


  1. I have had foot surgery 4 weeks ago, which involved, bunionectomy, and the second toe bones worked on which I currently have a pin in ( Second toe). The pin sticks right out of my toe, and is to be removed in a week and a half. My concern is that that toe is still numb since surgery. Also it seems to be turned toward the big toe. Is this to be expected? Still in bandages, wearing boot. Thanks, Tracy Tersigni

  2. I am sorry your doctor did not discuss this in depth with you. My office manager always complains I talk to the patients too much!Anyway, swelling comes with any surgery and gravity is your enemy when you have foot surgery. I regret to advise you that flying will increase ytour swelling due to decreased cabin pressure, sitting in a cramped position cutting off the venous return. You might need to wear sandals and socks too if it is cold.