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Swollen, itchy, toes – get second opinion?


Hello. I for the past week two of the toes on my right foot have been swollen and itchy.
In the morning when i wake up my toes feel red, swollen, hot, tight, and itchy….not really painful but uncomfortable. during the day they are still swollen but not really red.
the skin feels sore and itchy. it doesn’t hurt to bend but walking is a little uncomfortable and it hurts a little when i squeeze the toe.
There is a red patch of irritated skin on the inner side which seems to be the source of the swelling.
I did see a podiatrist who diagnosed it a vascular problem exacerbated by the cold weather. i do sit have poor circulation in my feet and sitting at work all day in a chilly office makes this diagnosis likely.
However, the swelling and tightness in the morning alarms me, and I’ve read article on the web about psoratic arthitis and RA, which scares me more.
Do you think it’s worth getting a second opinion to rule these things out?


  1. I have had the following symptoms on my toes, just my toes, every winter for the past 3+ years. And these symptoms never happen in the summertime.Symptoms I’ve used athlete’s foot antifungal sprays on my toes before, with no relief..actually seemed to aggravate it. Last night I had to put my feet into cold water to relieve the burning…it was the only thing that helped and kept the swelling at bay. i really need help with finding some/any medication. thanks in advance.layla