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Swollen knee


Other night landed akwardly on leg – it was almost straight instead of bent.
It was very painful for about a minute and feels much better today.
However, there is some swelling right above the kneecap.
My knee is somewhat stiff, but there isn’t any acute pain.
I’m doing RICE and ibuprofen, and am able to walk gingerly today.
I didn’t hear popping or tearing at the time of injury.any ideas?
What are some rehab tips?…thanx

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  1. yesterday i went for a run. my left knee was a little uncomfortable late through the run, but no real pain. about 1 hour after my run my knee swelled up terribly to the point that i can bearly ben the knee (its hard and swollen). I iced it last night and tried to elevate it for a while. Today, 24 hrs later it is still very swollen and can only bent a few degrees?