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Swollen little toe


I stubbed my toes about a month ago.
They were very sore and turned purple.
All is fine now except for the little toe which is still very swollen and sore.
Will this eventually go away or is there some treatment I need?


  1. yes, the swelling will likely go away. If you are concerned, have it x-rayed to make sure nothing was broken. Al Kline DPMpodassociatesFORUMwww.podassociates.proboards25/

  2. DR. Kline~ my daughter is a dancer. She wheres pointe shoes of course and has constant trouble with blisters on her little toes. she tries taping but that hasn’t been helping the pain lately. She has calluses now and I think she developed a blister underneath. Her toe was swollen and red and the skin was sensitive, but pressure on the toe itself or the joint doesn’t cause pain. I don’t think it’s broken or cracked. Could a blister under a callus cause the selling and redness?? It is getting better with rest. should I try to remove the callus?