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Swollen Middle Toe


My girlfriend has a swollen middle toe that is larger than all her other toes. She feels pain in this toe. We have gone for x-rays and there are no fractures. The doctor does not know what the problem is or how to correct this problem. We have also went for an EKG to see if we can pick up something the X-Rays havent picked up however the results of the EKG hasnt either pointed to anything. It has been 6 months since this swelling took place and I have yet to find a solution. One doctor perscribed her with inflamatory pills and that did not either help. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Swelling Middle Toe


  1. There can be many different reason for this problem. The obvious ones are an injury or infection. If the circulation or lymphatic system to the toe has been injured, it will take a while to resolve. If I suspected a vascular problem, I would have a Doppler test done including plethysmography (which measures the circulation in the toe). There are some types of arthritic conditions that can result in this as well. Without seeing the foot and examining it as well as the x-rays and possibly the MRI (not EKG?) I can’t be very specific.If you have not seen a podiatrist, I recommend you do so. If you have, then you might consider a rheumatologist.