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tailbones aches


my friend is a 16 yr old female her tail bone is really bothering her and she has been to the doctors several times. the doctor has dicovered nothing she has taken x-rays and yorine samples and nothing has come up except a little bit of protien in the blatter. she says she can also feel a lump on her tailbone what can be wrong with her what can she do please help us


    • i bruised my tailbone… what should i do, it really really hurts, and im in severe pains. I cant sit down, and it sensoredin kills, please respons ASAP!!!, PLEASE HELP!! thanx

  1. If the xrays are negative, one would think there would be nothing to worry about. She may be experiencing growing pains. maybe she’ll grow to be 7.1″ tall

  2. I actually have same problem. I havent been to the doctor though. i feel as though my tailbone sticks out more and it hurts to sit for long periods of time. The only thing i can think of is my is my 30 lb weightloss and doing pilates on my carpet