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taping shin splints


i have shin splints on both legs. i run track so there’s no time for rest. should i get a brace or tape them? if i need to tape them, how do you do it?

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  1. I have a tight end that has shin splints in the front. I have taped him with pre-wrap the strips going up on the shin leaving the back open. I received some information on taping on the internet but I would like to have some more ideas on taping the player. Thank you, Brian Helton

  2. I am in tennis and i have shin splints. I have talked to many people and they all say “take it easy.” and its hard just to take it easy in tennis. i have to run, and i have tried all the shoe pads, and new shoes, i ice everyday and take tylenol before a game or practice. It helps some but i am still in pain. What else can i do, can i tape them, or can i wrap them, if so, how do i wrap them???? Please help!