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Tarsal tunnel syndrome


What are the treatment options with tarsal tunnel syndrome? My PCP thinks I have this and was wondering if I do what can be done for it before I go spend money to see a foot doc (DPM).


  1. Tarsal Tunnel can be caused by different things. Some include scar tissue, edema, tendonitis, soft tissue masses, pronation, swelling of the veins in the tarsal canal. Diseases can also cause this- diabetes, hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis are some possibilities.Without examining your foot and taking a complete history, I really can’t tell you much more. By the way- your PCP is to be commended for even considering this often misdiagnosed condition.

    • Do you know of any good DPM is the northeast/north/northcentral part of San Antonio? I don’t know where your from so if you don’t its ok. My PCP said they should immobilize this foot with a cast or walking boot…is that good for tarsal tunnel? I would figure it would be..carpal tunnel patients wear wrist braces…I don’t know thats why I’m asking.