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What is tendenitis?


  1. i have tendinitis. i have it in my right knee , i dont think its anything all that serious. it started when i started doing track at my school . im in the 7th grade . nothing will help except a brace or bungee according to where i have it . w/e ur doing like excersize sport wise might be the cuase

  2. :Hi my name is Raf. I’m 20 years old and plays soccer. Currently I’m out for about 8weeks with tendenitis. The best advice I can give: Don’t let the doctor give you an injection in your knee!!!It won’t do you anything harm. Good luck.

  3. Hi, my name is Martina Mountjoy i go to Fairfield High school in Fairfield Ohio.I play Softball for my school, and i am a catcher at one of our games a girl slid home and herfoot hit my hand and my finger tips smacked the inside of my 4-arm i went to the doc. andthey said i have tendenitis if you could please send me more info on this it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Martina Mountjoy

  4. I have a pain in the inner side of my left knee. My knee tries to give out on me when i walk. Also the pain when my leg is lifted towards the side feels like a pinch or someone stabbing a knife into the side of my knee. Is that Tendenitis. Ive been diagnosed with it and was wondering if i should get a second opinion. Also would an MRI work for Me?

  5. I have recently developed tendenitis on two of my fingers on my right hand and also bursitis on my right shoulder. I have developed this from the type of work I do. I basically type information 8 hours a day and due to the repeatativeness of it, it has finally taken its toll. It causes imense pain and at time it wakens me from sleep. I am taking Vioxx for the inflamation and Tylenol 3(codine) for the pain. It has helped some but not as much as I would like it. I have also tried to Apple-Cider Vinegar pills, as I heard or read somewhere that it helps relieve the inflamation. Unfortunately, quitting is not an option for me. I have tried to limit the use with my right hand, but I feel like its starting on the other hand as well. I don’t seem to find much information on the net about this. I am hoping you can offer some suggestions.Thanks in advance for your help.