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hi my name is chris.i am a paramedic from the far north of canada.i have a question regarding achilles started about a month ago as a pain in the calve that was very mild.over the last couple of weeks i have had pain at the base of the tendon and in the ball of the is described as a tight burning feeling when i extend my legs.what i found odd was that it is now in both achilles.swelling is minimal and the pain is not question is whether or not this could be indicative of a systemic problem or just a bad pair of steel toe boots.i am 27 years old and in otherwise good health as far as i mother has tendonitis of the wrists that was a spontaneous cond with no related trauma such as myself.what’s your diagnosis?

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  1. From your description, my guess is that your Achilles tendonitis has affected the Plantar fascia as well.Without an examination and history, I would not expect the most likely cause to be systemic. Certainly your shoes can be a contributing factor. See if putting at least a 1/2″ heel lift in your shoes helps. Try using rest, ice and even men’s support hose. If you can take an anti-inflammatory, try that as well. If nothing helps, then see a podiatrist or orthopedist.