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Tendonitis ( inside of Arms )


I have had chronic pain, sometimes intense pain especially when I flex my bicept, on the inside of both arms. I weight lift often and find myself skipping any and all pulling exercises i.e. curls, pull-ups, and rows to prevent continuing flare-ups. In addition, I have a 18 month old that I still hold and carry quit often I feel that this is a major contributor to the problem, therefore, I have subsequently made a concious effort not to hold the baby as much however, the problem is not clearing up as I have anticipated. Is there any advise you could give me short of stopping all physical activity?Thank You,Roy


  1. Sounds like you have tendonitis. Have you had it correctly diagnosed? If that’s what it is, you need to stop all gripping and lifting and give it a chance to heal. It can take months for it to completely get better. If you get it diagnosed as tendonitis I can give you a really good program that we’ve had good success with. But you should go see a doctor first and get it correctly diagnosed before I give you the exercises. You can e-mail me at maryscottpt@yahoo and I would be happy to coorespond with you.