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tendonitos in the elbow


I play baseball, im 14. I am right handed and play shortstop for my AAU team.
I can’t play on my school team this year either. When I extend my arm, it pops on the underside of my elbow.
When I throw it hurts really bad on the inside. and ive had this for almost a year, and nothing seems to be working. I used to go to physical theropy but it didnt do anything.
I NEED SOME HELP! also like a year and a half ago i had bad should pains then, and i couldnt play then either. and i went to P.T. for that too and that worked.
I think it is a combination from my shoulder pains cuasing my tendonitios.
My DOC made me get an MRI and he says that i have tendonitios, and he just keeps telling me to rest but i have rested for about a year and a half now, and i think there is something i can do to help it. but i dont no what. thanks

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