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They hurt so bad, but I have to walk and stand at work…


I’m in pain and I’m only 23. I’ve tried different shoes and insoles, but nothing has worked. I work at a fast food place as cashier and I’m standing on my feet all the time there. I go home and I can’t sit for long, my 3 year old needs mommy to play. I have high arches in my feet, my feet turn outward when I stand or walk, i have lots of lower back pain that seems to start at my feet, and I’ve spained the right ankle 4 times and the left 1 time.
I’m 5’2 and heavy…would my weight affect my feet?Please, if anyone can help, I’m in pain.

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  1. If the place you work at has fatigue mats, use them. Yes your weight can be a factor in your discomfort, but it isbn’t the only thing. Other factors are your foot type, the shoes you are wearing, and length of time you are on them.I suggest you see a podiatrist who can make specific recommendations for you.Life is too short to limp!Vivian Abrams DPM