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Thigh Indentions


I have an “indention” on the upper part of both my thighs. They both go across most of my upper thigh.
It’s visible and looks as though my muscle is swollen. There is no pain. I use to do exercise and toning alot, but lately i’ve just been walking. The “dents” are perfectly matched with my bathroom counter height. Can leaning against the counter for 5 mins in the morning while I get ready do this?

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  1. I have a large indention in my right upper hip. I am 21 years old and it started forming when i began heavy exercising. It doesn’t hurt but it largly effects the way my clothes fit. Have any of you been to the doctor, is there anything thay can fix it. It really bothers me.

  2. I am 22 and havent gained any weight either! I have two indentions on my thighs. I had an MRI done, and everything came back fine. Could this be a side effect or symptom of something more serious???

  3. I have this too. I am 26 and haven’t gained any weight, so I don’t think that my indentions have to do with fat. I have had one indention on my left leg since I can remember and now another on my left leg! There isn’t any indention on my right leg though. Could this be something serious??