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three weeks after neuroma surgery


Everything I read online tells me that “at three weeks the patient can return to normal activity.” It’s three weeks after, and alsthough my swelling has gone down a lot, every time I roll over the space under my fouth toe when i walk, it feels like someone is cutting the base of my fourth toe upwards with a shard of glass.
I cannot help but think this is not normal.
My doctor says it is part of the healing process.
can anyone shed any light or experience?


  1. I disagree with your information. I feel I can speak confidently, having performed many neuroma surgeries. Three weeks is certainly not in my experience enough time to pronounce a patient well. And what is normal activity for onemay not be for another. Since you are having this discomfort, you should discuss this with your doctor. Everyone heals differently and experiences pain differently.Be patient and it should improve with time.