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Thumb popping


I fell and my thumb bent backwards about 7yrs ago.
I had x-rays said nothing broken.
I was given a hand support.
It hurt for months.
My thumb is twisted out a bit and there is a bone lump where as my other thumb is looking fine.Years have passed and now my thumb joint where it meets my hand is hurting and my top thumb joint pops when I move it. It hurts throughout the day but mornings is at its worst.
I do have osteoarthritis in other parts of my body.
Thank You So Much, Sharon


  1. Dear Sharon,You injured the joint in your thumb. It has healed with scar tissue. The popping sound is inflammation and scar tissue. Try ice therapy and passive motion with the thumb. Please visit our website or call our toll free number to schedule a free consultation. curvesolutionsusa . com. 877-602-7248.Kind Regards,Dr. Anthony Gambale