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I have suffered from the onset of a high pitched pulsatile tinnitis within days after neck adjustment by a chiropractor (he stated he adjusted the top of the spine near the skull which he said is in the auditory system region). I returned to him several weeks later complaining of tinnitus and he performed the adjustments again. The tinnitus is now louder and in both ears. The volume reduces by 40-60% by the end of the day but after sleeping I wake up with it roaring. Twisting my head changes the pitch & loudness of the tinnitus & bending over or straining increases the loudness.Can adjustments to the spine in the neck region give rise to tinnitus. Any suggestions to alleviate?Thanks


  1. Tinnitus is caused by medications too. there are alot of meds that a side effect is ringing in the ears . also a disorder Chiari malformationso check your meds

  2. Diid it ever go away? What did you do.The same thing happened to me less than a week ago.Accupuncture didn’t help. And after you reading aboutyour second visit, I’m reluctant to try and get this chiroptractically dealt with. Any ideas?Thanks!