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toddler broken toe?


I think my two year old may have broken her second toe.
She is very specific about where it hurts and limps/asks to be carried but will also occaisionally take a couple of steps before complaining about it hurting. This just happened tonight so I gave her motrin to sleep and will see how it is tomorrow but my question is should I bother to have it X-Rayed?
Is there anything they would actually do for it, other than simply treat the pain, which we are doing?
She gets quite freaked out by the doctor and I don’t want to put her through an X-ray if it really isn’t necessary.
What are your thought?
Thanks so much.


  1. I always say “To see is to know, not to see is to guess.”As far as treating the injury, there certainly are helpful things that we can do or show you what to do.If the toe is dislocated, it is possible it might heal improperly.