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I have had excruciating pain in the toe nerxt to my big toe formany years I have been to podiatrists, pain management doctors, had bone scans, MRI’s, shots, electro treatment and no one can tellme what this is.
The tip of the toe was removed about 50 years ago due to an ingrown toenail and caused me no problems until this last few years. The pain can get so bad it brings tears to my eyes.
Any suggestions.

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  1. No bone spur was detected in the scans and MRI’s. It doesn’t matter what kindof shoes I wear I could be barefooted and it still pains me. I have tried the Lipoderm patches to no avail the last thing I tried was a compound ointment of Ketamin Hydrochloride prescribed by pain management which is extremely expensive it helped for a few weeks but for no reason stopped working, I am at my wits end and seriously considering asking if I can have the rest of this toe amputated thats how much I’m in agony with this.

  2. As much as I like a good mystery, I am at a disadvantage as I have not seen your toe. I first would want to see an x-ray and see if there is a bone spur. I might do a vascular exam to see what the circulation is at the end of the toe. Does the pain only occur in a certain shoe? Is there any pattern? If all else fails, perhaps the pain management doctor can write you a RX for a Lidoderm patch. You could wear this 12 hours at a time to numb the area.I am sorry I can’t be of much help