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toe numbness


My son’s big toe became numb after wearing steel-toe boots.
The numbness has remained has been four or more weeks.
Could this be nerve damage, and is there anything that can be done to remedy this problem?
His work demands that he be on his feet.
He has since stopped wearing the boots.
Thanks!A Concerned Mom

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  1. If a nerve has been injured only slightly, then after a period of time (weeks to months) it may return to normal. It is not a quick recovery.

  2. I hope your son is well. It’s been 2 mos for me since i was forced to walk six miles in tight fitting boots after i was left stranded in the middle of the night. I also a bunion on my right foot which is the one that continues in pain after brief walks even in comfortable shoes.My right Toe hasn’trecovered from numbness I don’t have medical coverage because i have been out of work. let me know if you have any info i will do the same.In the interim I wish your son a full recovery and Thank You .A person who knows the pain and concernsNora