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toe won’t bend


I slipped on wet tiles and my foot hit a brick wall big toe first.
I assumed it was broken because i couldn’t wallk on it, it was extremely swollen and black and blue.
I never got it x-rayed and it is now been 3 months. When i try to curl my toes it won’t bend, it just stays straight and it hurts a lot. It swells if i walk on it for a long time and sometimes is aches or is numb. Compared to my other toe the base of it is always swollen. Should it be healed by now? or has it healed crooked?.
If i go to the doctor what will they do about it?


  1. I can’t speak for every doctor, but I would start with X rays and see what is going on. Then discuss your options. If you don’t go and have it seen about you will not get the answers you are looking for.