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Toenail Regrowth – Lack of Vitamins?


My right big toenail fell off after trying to move a chair and the chair fought back!
It has grown back, but the top third of the nail is not attached.
Are there any vitamin deficiencies that prevent the toenail from reattaching or that it was so easy to come off in the first place?
My toe is starting to look somewhat normal again and I want to make sure that it regrows correctly.
Thank you for your time!


  1. Without seeing your nail, I can not comment on a “vitamin deficiency.” I would expect that if you had such a deficiency, then all your nails would be affected. As far as why the nail came off so easily there could be several reasons. If the nail was already loose (from a fungal infection for example) it would come off easier. If it was a normal nail before the incident, then it may have just been the angle that it got hit. When the nail regrows it can take up to 1 year to fully grow out. If you are concerned, I recommend you see a podiatrist for further evaluation.