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toenail surgery and damaged nerve


I was operated on twice on each big toe-nail for ingrowing toenails abroad. Each toenail grew back in two separate pieces and had to be removed definitively using phenol during a stay back in the UK. More than a year after the operation, the toe on the right foot still feels sensitive as if the nerve had been damaged. Is this normal ? Is it likely to calm down over time ? And is there anything that can be done about it?
I would be most grateful for any help you can provide me on this matter.
With thanks,Mark

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  1. I really can’t tell you a whole lot without examining you. Is it possible the tenderness is due to yet another regrowth of the nail? I have not encountered what you have described. Usually if a nerve is injured in the periphery, it has the potential to recover. Why not return to the doctor who did the procedure and have it checked out?