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Both of my big toes are shaped in an unusual way, the nails tilt upward at the end and the toes are very round and fat looking.
Anyway, because the nails point up I can’t wear most closed toed shoes.
I can wear tennis shoes and sandals.
Pumps, boots, flats, etc. are all out the question as my toe nails press into the top of the shoe and it is painful.
Is there any surgery to correct this?
I’d like to have normal toes so I can wear pretty shoes and nice clothes instead of sweats and tennies all the time.

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  1. my daughter was born with two toes missing on each foot. She is 17 now and wants corrective surgery. Her condition is known as lobster foot.Any one have any suggestion about getting this taken care of. She has no bone where the two toes are missingThanksBarry

  2. My husband has been having trouble with his left foot. He thought it was athletes foot, but the doctors say thats not what it is. He has had it for 7 months. It went away for about a week but came right back again. He has tried every athletes foot product available. Its in between his toes and is all raw like it also has oil like drainage. Its in between his two middle toes and right on the top of his toes.