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Torn Archilles Tendon & Torn Calf Muscle


I tore my calf muscle in May 07, but not until the middle of Sept. 07, could I convince a dr. to give me an MRI on my calf, because I had felt a sharp pain and a pop when I fell.
I realize the calf muscle tears from the achiles, which I also had a torn achiles muscle, but because it wasn’t severed the ortho dr. here would not repair it.
I’ve researched the internet and all articles say that after this much time, surgery, NOT physical therapy will correct it?????


  1. I tore mine in nov. of 07 didnt have surgery till jan. of 08 still in pain and swelling had another mri found another tear removed more of my calf in the second surgery in june of 08. reinjured in april of 09 was in hospital for two months with a bad case of cellulitus no ortho will go back in couse they fear the ortho missed something to this day im in alful pain demand getting a mri