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Torn bicep tendon


Tore bicep tendon 3 weeks ago. Finally got into see ortho – he has given me two options – Surgery or no surgery!
I am 36 years old and need to make a decision by next week.Questions?What are the downsides to surgery?Will I always have pain in the arm?I understand I will lose some strength but will I still be able to work out the muscle without pain?I have had rotator cuff surgery before and the recovery was awful and arm is worse than before surgery! Am worried about all of the downsides of surgery – any thing you can add to help in my decision?Thanks to all who can help


  1. I hurt my sholder at work and they think that it might bea torn bicep tendon. They said I am not a good canidate for surgery because I have a connective tissue desise and fibomyalgia. I need to go back to work but it hurts to do everything. Do you have any ideas to help. thanks gail