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Torn bicep tendon surgery


Bicept tendon surgery, how long does it take to heal befor i can do light lifting?


  1. I damaged my bicept tendon about 6 days ago. A young orthopedic surgeon said the sooner he did surgery on it the better. Within 10 days or results may not be as good. Or I could let nature take its course—which might not be so good. I’m 84 years old and in good health. What is recovery time for this surgery? Thank you for reading this letter, Leo

  2. I have a torn bicep tendon (top) which happened about 7 months ago. How hard id it going to be to reattach it. I need the use of the arm because of heavy lifting at work

  3. I had surgery to repair my torn bicep. The doc snipped the muscle (tendon) at the top of the shoulder, removed some of the muscle, then drilled a hole and used a “screw” to reattach the muscle to the bone. The bone will grow over the muscle and the screw will dissolve. I also had the cartilage repaired and the clavicle and acromiom bones shaped. I have had numerous surgeries, but I found this to be very painful and challenging to recover from. I am into it only a month, and although I am told I am way ahead of schedule, I find the going slow. In the end, it was completely necessary as I really couldn’t move my arm because of the damage.

  4. I have ruptured the bicep tendon on my right shoulder. It is the top one. I have been told by 3 doctors that they don’t fix it. My arm looks really bad what can be done about this. I can’t believe that I will be able to use my arm in the future as I have done in the past. I would like to talk to someone who has gone through thisto know what I can expect in the future. Thanks Mike