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torn calcaneofibular ligament


My MRI says, “The anterior calcaneofibular ligament is absent.
Findings are consistent with a complete tear of that ligament.”My orthopedic doctor didn’t even tell me this!
I found out by obtaining the MRI report myself.
Needless to say I am not going back to him.
I believe this stems from an accident 3 years ago.
My leg is constantly aching and I believe I’ve developed athritis from this.
Should I see a podiatrist?
What will he do?


  1. First of all, let me say that it is unfortunate that this has happened to you. If you can get a copy of the MRI and the report, I recommend you see a podiatrist who does reconstructive work on the ankle. Second, I might also add that not all podiatrists are male. He or she might recommend a surgical reconstruction of your ankle. A brace might also be indicated, depending on your circumstances.Good luck.