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While playing volleyball in the sand, I went to hit a ball in a normal fashion, didn’t really jump too high, didn’t fall, dive, etc.
I felt a pop in my calf (felt like a rock hit me).
I looked back to see if maybe one of my teammates bumped into me.
Then it felt like a charlie horse, so I figured I’d just straighten the leg out.
When I put weight on it, massive pain.
I iced it right away.
The doc said it’s either severly sprained or torn and only time and rest will heal it.
It felt decent after 3 days, so I ditched the crutches, only to use them again 3 days later and is kept swelling and stiffening.
It’s been 8 days now and it’s still swollen, hurts like heck, and my ankle is swollen and black and blue.
Is there anything else I can do, other than icing it nightly and resting it? Is it possible something else other than a torn muscle?Thanks, Mike


  1. Thanks much. I had same results – 3rd week, swelling went down a bit, walking much better, but it’s still tight and a little sore.

  2. recently did the same thing playing hoops. it’s been 3weeks now and the swelling has just started going down. it’s still a bit sore, differtent levels of injury. R.I.C.E. ; rest ice compression and elevation.haven’t been able to stay off it. I wrapped it for the first several when the time is right. don’t know when i’ll be able to start playing again, look online for rehab exercises but don’t rush it. better safe than sorry.